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Production fork for crystalline osmium

Osmium, the most valuable precious metal, has undergone a revolutionary development worldwide over the last ten years. The use of crystalline osmium is becoming increasingly popular, particularly in the exclusive jewelry sector. Crystallization technology plays a decisive role in the production of this precious metal in a form that is suitable for processing into jewelry. In the course of continuous process optimization, the harvesting rate of flat crystallized structures was successively improved. So far, all crystallizations have been based on discs with a diameter of 4 to 5 cm. For about a year now, however, unusually high harvest rates of 8 to 9 percent have been achieved with larger disks of up to 9.5 cm in diameter.

This breakthrough appears to be the maximum level physically possible and is unlikely to be achieved again. This is undoubtedly a groundbreaking innovation in production technology. Of the three process steps – multiple high purification, multiple crystallization and cutting and certification – only crystallization can be optimized with larger diameters and therefore larger quantities of material per run. As a result, the production costs for crystalline osmium have fallen considerably. The renowned Swiss refinery that carries out the crystallization has recognized the importance of crystallization in pricing.

At the same time, the now lower prices after the fork make it possible to buy crystalline osmium at a favorable price, which represents an attractive opportunity for tangible asset investors to expand their portfolio. Demand for crystalline osmium is expected to rise sharply as the jewelry market increasingly recognizes the unique properties and rarity value of this metal.

Production Fork Osmium
Production fork for osmium

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These advantages can now be passed on to both future and current owners of crystalline osmium. From the 5. or June 6, there will be a significant price reduction of around 30 percent. This date should not be missed under any circumstances. This news is particularly important for jewelry manufacturers who work with crystalline osmium, as it offers the opportunity to increase their stock. As part of the ESG-M guidelines (Environment, Social, Governance, Market Governance), a so-called production fork has been declared. Similar to a stock split, crystalline osmium is issued to owners as compensation to ensure that all registered owners in the Osmium World Database hold the same production value of osmium in their tangible asset portfolio even after the price reduction.