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Expert: Is osmium suitable as an investment?


Of course, this precious metal is suitable as an investment. If only for the fact that it is combined with gold, silver or platinum to create extraordinary and eye-catching pieces of jewelry. But osmium pieces also cut a good figure in the safe, as investors are convinced that the precious metal will experience a double-digit increase in value, as in previous years …

Osmium Institute: Eighth precious metal gains in importance


For some years now, osmium, the rarest and safest precious metal on earth, has been gaining in importance. As the mineable volume is estimated to be just one cubic meter, this makes the crystallized precious metal an investment with a future. Moreover, it is not only a highly interesting alternative to gold and diamonds …

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Portfolio theory

Portfolio theory is about providing instructions for the “best possible” combination of investment alternatives to form an optimal portfolio. This optimal portfolio takes into account the investor’s preferences in terms of risk, return and liquidity. The aim is to minimize the risk of a securities portfolio without reducing the expected return. The necessary prerequisite for this is that the securities are not fully correlated.

According to modern portfolio theory, osmium is an ideal method of diversification. Its price fluctuations do not correlate with the fluctuations of other commodity or tangible asset markets. Compared to the volatility of the stock markets and the deteriorating diamond markets in the wake of the saturation of the global markets with artificial diamonds, the crystallized precious metal has performed far better in the past.

Massive price increase

Strong performances from previously unknown precious metals are nothing new. The price of iridium, another platinum group metal, rose many times over as its demand in industrial applications increased. The effect of this growing popularity on the price has increased as demand for platinum has declined. Should the same trend occur with osmium, a massive price increase is to be expected. In view of the initially limited reserves of osmium, a decline in production could cause the price to skyrocket.

Watch manufacturer

Another factor driving up demand for the sparkling precious metal is its increasing use in luxury jewelry and accessories. Osmium metal has a natural bluish-silvery hue, which is enhanced by its crystalline structure. In direct sunlight, the metal shines in a dazzling way and creates an unreal sparkle.

This sparkle has attracted Hublot and Ulysse-Nardin, two Swiss watch manufacturers that produce exclusive timepieces with the crystallized precious metal. The sparkle of the metal makes it an innovative alternative for center stones in jewelry. Jewelers such as the German manufacturer Oslery use osmium in their unique jewelry lines by embedding the metal in settings made of gold, platinum and titanium

The use of osmium as a luxury metal is also not limited to jewelry. A golden domino with crystalline osmium diamonds sells for over €8,000.

At the end of 2021, high-end headphone manufacturer Ultrasone launched a range of headphones featuring crystalline osmium. As the market for the precious metal expands, so do the possibilities for its use in luxury goods.

While crystalline osmium is marketed by the Osmium Institute in Germany, the metal is available worldwide. With the help of distribution partners operating in over 50 countries around the globe, interested investors can purchase the world’s rarest precious metal from anywhere in the world.


The international osmium database also plays an important role in securing the global trade in the crystallized precious metal: every time the precious metal is sold by the Osmium Institute or changes hands among private traders, the ownership and ownership structure of the piece is updated. This is done with the help of a private key, the so-called owner change code. The OCC acts as a kind of online title deed, linking a buyer to their osmium in the database’s online ledger. The OCC secures the transaction of osmium and ensures that pieces cannot be stolen and illegally resold.

The primary market for crystalline osmium set up by the Osmium Institute GmbH has grown exponentially since its inception in 2017. Four years ago, the price of the precious metal was €810 (USD 914 at today’s exchange rate). At that time, it was sold on an up-and-coming market that was almost exclusively based in Germany. Today, crystalline osmium is being sold on the primary market to investors all over the world for over $1,845.

This increase of over 100 % is primarily due to the growing popularity of this precious metal as a tangible asset in Europe. The state-of-the-art digital certification of crystalline osmium has also led to the growth of its markets in Asia, Africa, Australia and, more recently, North America.