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Osmium price - development over the past 5 years
Osmium price - development over the past 5 years

How much does 1 gram of osmium cost? The osmium price today, 25.03.2023 at 17:57 is € 1,791. 61 net.

What makes osmium so expensive? Osmium is mined together with platinum because the two metals are associated. However, 10,000 tons of platinum ore contains only 30 grams of osmium. To isolate the osmium from the platinum, complex and expensive steps are required. By the time platinum production declines, osmium will no longer be available.

How valuable is osmium? Global trade in crystallized osmium began in 2014. One troy ounce (31.1 grams) of osmium costs €55,719.07 net today, 03/25/2023 at 17:57, and is very high compared to one troy ounce of gold, which costs €1,835.29 today, 03/25/2023 at 17:57. In terms of the net amount, the osmium price (as of 03/25/2023 at 17:57) is therefore exactly 30.36 times higher than gold.

What is more expensive gold or osmium? The osmium price is higher than gold because the osmium price for a gram of osmium is €1,791.61 today, 03/25/2023 at 17:57, whereas a gram of gold costs only €59.00 today, 03/25/2023 at 17:57.

How heavy is 1 m³ of osmium? 1 cm³ of osmium weighs 22.61 grams, therefore 1 m³ weighs exactly 22,610 kilograms or 22.61 tons.

Will the price of osmium rise? Since trading began in 2014, osmium has developed much more positively than gold. Since 2017 alone, the price of osmium has increased by an average of 20% annually. And if one also takes into account the fact that the last osmium will be mined in about 8 years, an upward price trend can no longer be dismissed. As more and more investors see osmium as a great investment opportunity and the jewelry industry has discovered the sparkling precious metal, demand is increasing disproportionately.

Is osmium a store of value? Osmium is valued by institutional investors as a long-term investment. This circumstance is mainly based on the fact that the extraction possibilities of osmium will be completely exhausted in about 8 years, the demand will steadily increase until then and a large part of the traded osmium objects was processed as jewelry and thus permanently withdrawn from the pure osmium trade.

How safe is osmium? Osmium has the highest security of all precious metals. Specifically, the following are the characteristics that make it unforgeable. The Osmium Identification Code (OIC), the Owner-Change-Code (OCC), the certificate of authenticity, the density and its surface structure. All these features make osmium the safest precious metal that it protects against counterfeiting, theft and fraud. And the constantly rising price of osmium is a guarantee of inflation protection,

Where is osmium mined? The most important mining areas of platinum metal-rich nickel ore, which is needed to extract osmium, are in South Africa, Canada, Australia and Kazakhstan.

Why is osmium toxic? After extrusion from the platinum ore, osmium is available as a so-called osmium sponge. This is a steel-blue, brittle and hard transition metal and belongs to the platinum metals. In combination with oxygen, toxic osmium tetroxide is formed, which has a very unpleasant odor. The osmium sponge (crude osmium) can cause skin and eye damage, inhaled dust can cause lung damage. After the complex crystallization process, in which the arrangement of the atomic structure of the osmium atoms is changed, the precious metal is completely harmless.

Is osmium the hardest metal? Osmium is the densest and the hardest metal according to Brinell hardness. This is because the individual atoms are very close together and compact.

Is Osmium a Precious Metal? Osmium is the rarest and most valuable of all 8 precious metals on earth. These include silver, gold, palladium, platinum, rhodium, iridium, ruthenium and osmium.

What can you do with osmium? In addition to its use as an investment metal and in jewelry making, osmium is found in engineering as a low-temperature superconductor. Also, pivots and shafts are made with a durable osmium alloy. In medical technology, osmium is used in small amounts in heart valves and pacemakers.

Should you buy osmium? The very fact that crystalline osmium is the rarest and most valuable precious metal in the world speaks for an investment in osmium. The price of Osmium has been on a steady upward trend in the past. And since osmium can no longer be mined in about 8 years, it is very likely that there will be a price explosion. This circumstance is also called the Osmium Bigbang. Those who invest in osmium before this rapid price increase will achieve an unparalleled return on their investment when they sell it after the big bang.

Who buys osmium? Osmium is mainly bought by institutional investors, goldsmiths and jewelers and by private investors. A small investment of about 150,00 € is enough to hold the sparkling precious metal in your hands for the first time.

Where can I get osmium? Osmium can be purchased directly from the Osmium Institute Germany. The Osmium Institute delivers directly with insured shipping. Osmium processed into jewelry can be obtained from a jeweler.

What does osmium smell like? Rohosmium, also osmium sponge, has a rettich-like odor. The name "osmium" (ancient Greek ὀσμή osmē "odor, stench") comes from its volatile tetroxide present in low concentrations. Crystalline osmium is odorless.

OS is the element symbol for the element osmium and has the atomic number 76. Osmium is in the 8th group in the periodic table and belongs to the platinum metals.