Osmium as an investment

The 5 advantages of osmium as an investment

Why is this precious metal a good investment?

Osmium is a precious metal that has only been on the market for a few years. It is the rarest and heaviest precious metal in the world. In recent years, the osmium market has proven to be profitable and crisis-proof. As osmium is a limited resource, many experts see great opportunities in osmium, as it is an investment with high earnings potential.

These experts assume that this shortage will one day lead to a rapid rise in the price of crystalline osmium. Exactly when no more powdered osmium can be crystallized. This event is known in technical jargon as an “osmium bigbang” and is a conceivable future event. This is a predictable opportunity to achieve a handsome return on the precious metal later on – provided you invest before the big bang and sell your highly valuable investment after the big bang. Since 2014, when the precious metal was first offered as an investment in crystalline form, the price has risen and early investors are already enjoying a return of over 160 percent.

The jewelry industry is a guarantee for rising demand

Osmium has the highest corrosion resistance of all metals and is therefore very popular in the jewelry industry. The precious metal is characterized by its resistance to acids, scratch resistance and its radiant, long-lasting sparkle. Another opportunity offered by osmium is based on its unique physical properties. No other element has such a high density as osmium. Unlike silver, for example, it does not tarnish and therefore requires no special care. It is precisely these special properties that make osmium so interesting for the jewelry industry.

The ideal investment for the discerning investor

Precious metals are a popular and interesting investment for investors because they can be held physically. Precious metals do not lose value due to the insolvency of banks or companies. However, in addition to the opportunity for returns, they also involve a reduced general risk potential. In an economic crisis, osmium as a tangible asset investment would be a precious metal that could potentially protect investors from major losses. This would provide additional protection for assets.

Crystalline osmium bars, discs or squares are the ideal investment for the discerning investor. Although osmium has been available for several years, not everyone has heard of it. However, if you follow current developments and reports on osmium, you can safely assume that more and more people will find out about it and discover osmium as an investment for themselves.

Gold is an established “currency”, osmium is not. It is simply too rare for that. We were shaped by the gold standard of the 19th century, so that gold is still considered crisis-proof, even though the gold-backed currency of the German Empire was abolished at the end of the First World War in 1918. The sparkling osmium does not have this historical past. There is a risk that in times of crisis with catastrophic events on the financial markets and high inflation rates, osmium is not yet as well known as gold, so that many investors have not yet considered osmium as an investment or have not yet put it into practice.

But even under such bad circumstances, crystalline osmium could be traded as a recognized investment. As every piece of osmium sold is provided with the Osmium Identification Code (OIC), which is in the name of the owner, it is of no interest to fraudsters and thieves to use criminally acquired osmium as profitable loot. The Osmium Institute has been offering the Osmium Marketplace for buying and selling osmium since 2021. There, private individuals can sell to private individuals or dealers. The prerequisite is that both seller and buyer have an OIC to log in there.

In the recession, osmium as an investment offers not only opportunities but also risks

Crystalline osmium is a rising star in the investment market and has performed remarkably well in recent years. It sparkles more beautifully than a diamond and could further increase demand in the jewelry industry. Unlike other financial products, crystalline osmium embodies its value in the physical object. This makes it ideal as a crisis currency if other investments such as shares or funds get into difficulties. On the other hand, there is a risk that osmium will not be able to establish itself as an investment as well as experts predict. The fact that it has no far-reaching historical past could be a disadvantage.

Is it worth buying osmium?

A portfolio should suit its owner, so it is not possible to make a general recommendation. However, those who value stability and for whom speculation is too risky should stay away from osmium or only invest a small amount. However, if you feel like taking a certain amount of risk and want to take a chance on high returns, investing in osmium is a very good investment. Not least when you look at the price trend over the past 5 years in comparison with gold, silver and the German share index.

The latest trend in the world of precious metals

Crystalline osmium bars or discs or, more recently, squares are the best choice for your investment. These products can be purchased at no extra charge for the elaborate cutting process used for diamonds, stars, letters and symbols.


Would you like to invest in something that has been steadily increasing in value since it was discovered to be crystallized? Then you should buy osmium! This incredible precious metal is rare, valuable and extremely robust. It is the perfect investment for people who know what is important in life. Many investors are prepared to pay the high price to enjoy this incredible precious metal as an investment!